Friday, 24 February 2017

prom dresses

It's time for a new post where I show you some of my favs from different websites and different occasions! Today is all about 2017 prom dresses cause of course prom season is around the corner and we're looking for that dress that we have been imagining since when we were kids but that e can't fine anywhere.. well have a look on cause honestly I found so many beautiful dresses that not only reflected my inner idea about a dress but that gave me new ideas and made my fall in love at each click.
There's something for every colour, every shape, length and price range.. to give you an idea of what you can find on 27dress here's some pictures of my favourites :)

Saturday, 4 February 2017

My top 4 makeup products

Hi! I haven't done this kind of post in a while.. but since it's one of the things I love to read on other blogs I might as well try and put more of this kind of content on my blog as well :)
By now you should all be aware of how much I love colours, bright combinations and how hard it is for me to "tone it down" so yeah.. don't get too much surprised of my top 4 favourites right now!

Obsessed with these right now! The NYX vivid brights eyeliners. They're so pigmented and bright and so cheap as well! I got them in orange and red but there are many cool colours I wanna try.. Definitely needed to be in my top selection!

This is a long time love.. i you are into liquid lipsticks LIME CRIME VELVETINES have just no competitors.. no matter ho many liquid lipsticks I try I will always prefer the formula of velvetines.. The colours here are Shroom ( the nude brownish one) and Pumpkin Pie (the dark red one) from the first collection.. they've been putting out loads of new colours, shades and finishes lately.. just a shame that the only way to get them in Italy is buying them from their website and paying almost the price of the lipstick for shipping..

This is 100% that one thing I couldn't live without.. it's common knowledge that without good tools no make up can come out perfect.. and this set of brushes from SAMMYDRESS are just perfect.. they come in the cutest little container and they're are SO MANY.. literally every brush you might need is there.. and guess what.. all of the them for around 6$.. 

 Last but not least an other long time favourite from  CHANEL.. I'm rarely into mineral foundations cause for "young skins" is suggested to use more hydrating products since at this age stage 90% of girls have oily or mixed skin.. which actually applies to me.. but this one is not dry at all.. I wouldn't use it everyday cause I genuinely prefer to hydrate my skin when I can but there are days when you just wanna put on something fast and go.. and this is just perfect..